About us

Ground Instrumentation & Engineering  Pte Ltd (GIE)

Ground Instrumentation & Engineering  Pte Ltd (GIE) is an enterprise of Sigma Group. GIE having its main office in Singapore is a multi-disciplinary organization, provides specialist geotechnical services, structural investigation & appraisal, and civil engineering testing for the building and construction industry.

GIE was founded and is managed by a team of highly experienced and skilled engineering professionals, with in-depth expertise in our core services. The Management Team also has wide ranging experience in public sector projects (eg PWD, RHD, BBA, LGED etc. in Bangladesh Chapter & DSTA, HDB, LTA, MOE, PUB etc. in Singapore Chapter), private sector projects in both Bangladesh and Singapore (eg residential, commercial, industrial, oil & gas) and other overseas projects (eg China, Middle East, India).

Our vision is to be a leader in providing specialist geotechnical, structural and foundation engineering services in Soil Investigation, Geotechnical & Structural Instrumentation & Monitoring, Structural Investigation & Appraisal, Piling, Well Installation and Civil & Structural Engineering Testing, associated with the building and construction industry. Our core expertise relates to major infrastructure, tall buildings, and underground structures.

GIE has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and development of capabilities, to ensure that we deliver the best quality in our services. The Management Team adopts a “hands on” approach to ensure that all projects are executed safely, professionally and efficiently, to surpass the ever-increasing demands of complex projects of today.

In Bangladesh, GIE is a Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) registered engineering Firm. GIE is also recommended as a Soil Investigating Firm in PWD under the circular dated 21/04/2019.